A lady


Darlings, a lady never flashes her underwear and a lady must always wear underwear. Getting hit by a bus without having on ones best drawers is simply too dreadful a thought . One was always taught to exit a car gracefully and with ones dignity in tact.
Bottom swivel knees together .

Certain vehicles make this jolly difficult. Having once got stuck in a very smart sports car, having to be hauled out was never going to make the right impression. Thankfully the chap had guns big enough for the job.

Until today there have been infrequent flashes. Just pity the poor senior gentleman who got more than his groceries . Cripes!!!! One hopes he’s ok. Squeezing out of the jeep with little room and no assistance ( thank you darling) ones knees were together but ones skirt travelled north whilst doing so. Good grief.

Thankfully there are others who fluff their exit too. C.C showing us the money shot and thankfully wearing knickers which is more than can be said for Britney. Golly, one has seen more of her than is decent. Someone buy the girl some pants. She’ll catch her death .

Ms. Hilton showing us how it’s done.


Black cabs are horrors to get out of .


Poor Kate being left to struggle.
What a gent her chauffeur is.. NOT
Sack the rotter tout suite

Mr.Joan Collins would have a fit!
Now he knows how to treat a lady.


Francoise from Agent Provocateur
Delicious non?

For those of us who didn’t go to finishing school. This is how it’s done.
Sort of.
More class less ass.
Those with a delicate disposition look away now .


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