Golden girl

Not THE Golden girls. Although the geriatrics had at least a good dose of humour to go with their new hips.

Good morning darlings. One is talking about all things Gwyneth.
This goop filled gal is hell bent on world domination. Enough already.
Never actually a fan, too strong of jaw and in desperate need of a shake ( improving a little with age) my husband always thought her average until her heels heightened and skirts shortened.


Yes, agreed. He is shallow at best.

Her website Goop contains ” a variety of lifestyle tips and insights curated by G.
One shall not kick a girl for trying even if her Spring fashion tips leave one cold one must remember she is dressing for her boyish straight up and down yoga trained body and not, well .. mine.


What a duck I would look in that darling.

Talking of duck Ms.P has served up another dish in the form of a cook book .This is the new celebrity wheeze. They all truly are domestic goddesses . Or would like us to think they are . All smoke and mirrors.


Cripes!! Another for ones collection.
It’s incredible how much in common we have. Especially when feeding our children.
How often one has said ;

“Oh, how my heart leaps when I see them munching down kale with brown rice.”

This golden girl was made for the red carpet , still and statuesque the pedigree shines. Who else could have worked a white caped Tom Ford creation as well?


Rocking a cape, a ponytail and a wide sparkly cuff all at the same time. Is there no end to her talents .

The answer is yes!
Becoming a Country and western star is not in her future. A passable voice and a pair of cowboy boots does not a Dolly Parton make. She simply doesn’t have the lungs for it.



3 thoughts on “Golden girl

    • Gladly Victoria.
      With my bare hands.
      She always comes across as a little smug. Maybe she’s delightful??
      Just popping ones head in the oven.

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