Natural beauty

My foot darlings. (God forbid)

Good morning, oh what a beautiful morning , oh what a beautiful day. Golly, one sounds like Howard Keel.

Today may be beautiful but today I am not! Ones bloom has bloomed and left the building.

One has become a slave to a wet/cleansing wipe and this simply must stop. Sometimes after a jolly hard day one is too tired to drag ones weary head to bed, let alone ones dreary face to a mirror before hitting the pillow.
Of course two bottles of fizz and passing out can’t help ones looks either but who wants to look like Olive from on the buses complete with cold cream and rollers at bedtime?? Not I .

However a little/lot more care and attention wouldn’t go a miss.
A thorough cleanse and a nourishing night cream works wonders . Just look at the poster girl .


Heading for 50 with the skin of a teenager. Liz Earle is the perfect advertisement for her skin care brand.
Jealous much??? Plump and juicy as a peach. Don’t tell me she drinks water too?? Bien sûr !

Getting back on the horse and buying her hot cleanser immediately .


Always a fan of a hot muslin cloth ones first love was Eve Lom. She still holds a special place in ones heart. The choice is yours.


Acclaimed by Vogue as ” probably the best cleanser in the world”
Tall claims but the proof is in the pudding.

After all , the other option is


Well, I wouldn’t mind. What is she? 90?

Maybe when ones husband deserves a fright , one should turn this frown upside down.


Frownies darlings.
As used by SINGLE girls x


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