Just for men

Not the hair dye darlings , although Mr.Lee found his first grey hair last week. After 10 years together that’s not bad going. Obviously one isn’t as difficult as one looks . Although as he is so laid back my trials simply would have gone unnoticed.

Today is the day ( especially if you are with the laid back variety) to pop the question. Take the bull ( chap ) by the horns ( neck) , get down on one knee and ask the blighter to marry you .
Would you?
Could you?
Are you ?

It takes all sorts .
One will be hunting out Lanvin’s Marry Me scent to see if it is as charming as its name.
Back on to charming. If you have found your Prince and you are a modern gal pin him down and tell him. If marriage is what you want then spell it out.

The law of averages is on your side as you have at least a 50% chance of an acceptance . If he refuses then it is probably doomed .

St.Bridget who had had a stomach full of commitment dodging men complained to St.Patrick back in the 5th century. He granted women the chance to propose on the last day of the shortest month. Including a penalty for refusal. Maybe a silk gown or 12 pairs of gloves.


Fair trade. I’ll take the gown .

The ring??

Mengagement rings are an option to consider if your beau is a jewellery wearing type. Mickey Bubbles ( Michael Bublè ) is a fan ,mine isn’t and would prefer a Rolex. There is also a proposal ring just in case you have trouble spitting it out.


By Dower and Hall.

Maybe I should have done the proposing? At least it would have come with a good story and a degree of finesse. Not a twitchy man lobbing a ring at me in a sweaty market.

Alas I’m just an old fashioned girl,
With an old fashioned mind
Not sophisticated I’m the sweet and simple kind
I want an old fashioned house, with an old fashioned fence
And an old fashioned millionaire


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