Lady in red

Good morning my darlings how was le weekend ?? Ours was a birthday filled bonanza .
To be woken by birdsong is one thing, but to be woken by the dulcet tones of a chainsaw is quite another . Let’s hope the rotter slipped and broke the blasted thing or it will be turned on him on the morrow .

Enough to make ones ears bleed???
Give me back the chainsaw.
Joking aside darlings if looking for love then a gal could do far worse than to wear a red frock .

Of course it could never replace in our hearts the L.B.D but a red dress will certainly make one stand out in a sea of black.
Reading The Mail this morning it suggests that “men prefer women wearing colour because they are less likely to be rejected”

This rouge number is sending subliminal messages saying that the wearer could very well be receptive to sexual advances. Cripes!!!! Those poor girls in Lunn Poly must have a jolly hard time of it.

When packing for a holiday even if your case is colour coordinated always pack a red dress. It will make glorious Impact in holiday photos.
As a blonde sometimes wearing the wrong red one can look a little cheap( well a lot cheap actually) so buy the hue for you.


Oh swoooooon….. Mr. V has his signature red so must you!!


Be careful with ones accessories darlings. Avoid a silk scarf or a pilot boyfriend .


Bliss. One doesn’t have to be parted from ones Wolfords just yet.

Red dress from Debenhams


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