Fright night

Darlings poor old ( well not that old) Pammy is getting a bashing for the over pluck. Scouse wife she is not but who’s to say those of the bush look better?


Granted this is not the best la Anderson has looked but being scarce of brow myself what’s a girl to do ??
Of course my husband more than makes up for my shortcomings. He was top of the brow list. Maybe a clip and stick from his excess would give one an enviable brow.

Regardless of hair colour the brow du jour is dark. A blonde would sport a black pair even a brunette would be proud if.


An 80s pencil thin is what God and Tweezerman gave me. In the day they were the bomb but moving forward and to frame and flatter a stronger more defined pair will be drawn on ,stuck on or stolen.

Maybe our lovely Kate was has brows to die for may consider to loan them for a weekend trial??


On the right the new and improved Scoused up version.

There’s always a stencil.


Golly!!! Enough to frighten the crows.

Leave stencilling back in the 80s darlings. Where it belongs xxx


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