Without the calories darlings !!
Good morning, a bright and glorious day and no ” thick head”. Cripes! Rare for a Sunday so one will make the very most of it and get out and about and enjoy every second.

It was Granny’s birthday yesterday so it was blog less . A new tiara and a flower filled day for the birthday girl. A hard taskmaster , there was to be no cake with that fondant icing ( muck( her words ). Far too sickly and not the best for ones figure. With a permanent mouthful of toffee Granny would have been hard pressed to find room.

A birthday is not a birthday without cake!!! One must blow out ones candles and make a wish.


A cake made of flowers darlings!!
Perfect for a girl of any age. A super sweet centrepiece for a birthday table and terribly easy to make. Well, if I can put it together in 20 minutes then anyone can. Adorable non??


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