Hello sailor

Darlings ,”All the nice girls love a sailor, all the nice love a tar”
As you know daughter no.1 started off the Naval life ( and married a fellow sailor) daughter no.2 decided on the same career ( and is yet to marry a sailor)
As of yesterday daughter no.3 found her calling to the sea and passed out into the Royal Navy.


Of course one bawled like a loon( you would have thought one was used to it by now) but was so proud. They all wear little diamond anchors as passing out prizes so mummy can pick them out in a crowd.

If only my husband would agree to us living by the sea. Maybe one day.
Until then nautical fashion will be mon petit crutch. As soon as there is a clear bright day white jeans and a Breton top teamed with a blazer are my uniform.
Maybe I should join the Navy too.
Well maybe just a navy dress.
We don’t have to look like that horrid Agutter woman who was so annoying in The railway children. Didn’t stop her from getting her kit off later on. Still can’t stand her.


I know darlings, thank God precocious children now get shot! Tarring them is too good.
The Admiral mentioned that as I had offered 3 children up to the Navy it made me eligible for some kind of remuneration in some old sea law. Maybe by today’s reckoning one might be given a case of rum.


Of course if Kelly Brook was the poster girl recruitment would be simple.

We of course all fantasise about Richard Gere swooping us off our feet in his Naval whites. Do you think if we took to wearing hair nets and working in a factory it would improve our chances ?

Maybe if one looked super cute in a sweet little dress.


A little short pour mon taste darlings, maybe with some navy opaque hose or white jeans.

Now, how about pushing the boat out for these little beauties?



YSL from netaporter
Be ship shape and Bristol fashion for Spring


From notonthehighstreet

The perfect card for a daughter in the R.N


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