Mrs.Lee loves

A good cookbook or even a bad cookbook. Good morning my darlings, today is going to be a wonderful day ( I can feel it in my water ). Spring like and uplifting. Oh how one simply adores the seasons. It would be such a bore to be saddled with just the one .
Where would the diversity of wardrobe be in that ? Already one is on the look out for a gay frock and a piped blazer.
In fact good old Boden have of course got pieces to refresh.


Yet again naughty Mrs.Lee has added to her vast collection of cookery crack.
This time darlings it thankfully was small enough to be smuggled in. As you know, it is mon bedtime reading of choice. Sweet dreams of sweeter puddings may encourage drooling but one can’t be frightened of a meringue.

The crack.


Ahhh Ms.Dahl. Let’s get one thing straight. This beautiful girl can probably just about manage to cook as well as moi! She could make a real chef or even an accomplished cook weep into her badly chopped onions. If you fall in to either category AVOID AVOID AVOID.
I like her, it can’t be helped. She writes frothy zabaglione insights and glimpses from her altogether charmed life.
A childlike storybook princess. Doe eyed and dreamy.

The recipes are messy and it looks as if we have read the same crack books along the way. All too familiar. Even the story telling is now also used by many in their own publications. The style du jour.
This time round Ms.Dahl/Mrs.Cullam has appeared to stretch herself with the addition of a few unusual ingredients. That in fact has worked against her.

A lot of the recipes are decidedly foreign and would require a cast iron constitution. This English rose may well have found inspiration from her travels but some of it would have been best left in her suitcase and lost ( don’t get me started) by B.A.
One would like to think that her next book may be simple and classic and perhaps as she seems devoted to her husband a cookery love story dedicated to him.
Of course even If it’s rubbish and filled with foreign muck yours truly will buy it anyway . It is an addiction. One needs help darlings.

A sweet recipe from the book.

Ruby Frais strawberry semifreddo


This recipe is so titled for a young girl named for a future of all things sweet, a Miss Ruby Frais. Her dad calls her ‘Pudding’ and she, like me, is partial to berries and vanilla ice cream. This then, quite literally, has her name all over it.
450g/1lb strawberries, hulled and halved, plus extra for serving
100g icing sugar
Juice of ½ a small lemon
300ml double cream
30g meringues, bashed up
Put the strawberries in a bowl. Tip the sugar on top and leave to macerate for 1 hour. When they’re a lovely, sticky mess, pour into a blender with the lemon juice and puree.
In a large bowl, whip the cream until thick but malleable enough to fall from the spoon. Pour the fruit into the cream and fold through thoroughly.
Put into an old ice-cream container or a loaf tin. Freeze for about 1 hour until crystals form around the edges, then take out and run through the blender. Freeze for 2 hours; blend again, then freeze for around 4 hours.
Take out 20 minutes before serving, slice and scatter over the meringues and some extra strawberries.


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