I love you


Good morning my darlings, those 3 little words that mean so much. Regardless of St.Valentine we should say them to those we love while we can. Yes, one would hope that it is already known but SAY IT. From the heart.
My husband is a cold fish, rarely he tells me. Very rarely. He shows me in many different ways.( Minds out of the gutter darlings) sometimes he’ll cook or rub my shoulders when I’m tired. Be super concerned if I’m ill and be the greatest support of all to my daughters.
Acts of kindness are one thing but telling me occasionally would be nice too . Yes he’s British so can be forgiven for suppressing his emotions with his stuff upper lip, however he shows no difficulty in telling our King Charles all day everyday how much he loves her!!

Oh to be a Spaniel.
Today will be the same as any other. We buy flowers, we cook dinner , we light a few candles. We will definitely NOT be going for a poor quality set meal for two . Having someone to love is a great gift and to be loved in return is something else.
So this philosophical post may have raised a few eyebrows ( for those of us that can.) my usual superficial self will be back in play tomorrow. One shall pop a red bow and a flashing heart on Boobie ( Lulu Spaniel) and write a card to my valentine.
After all…..


From notonthehighstreet


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