Trench warfare

Darlings how was le weekend??? Ours was tip top and super great seeing chums. The thaw has started so one can get back into shoes and sling the ” I’m not going up fall over in these” boots aside.

Bundling up adds pounds so as the temperature lifts from above freezing my husband can reclaim his jumpers ( why are they always cosier than mine) and dress accordingly .
Oh to be Rosie Huntington -Whiteley and carry a trench off with aplomb.

Maybe not quite the weather to forgo underwear.

An F.F and I were bemoaning only the other day that we wanted to reclaim Burberry. Classically British it has had bad press and even worse patrons over the years but this thankfully has improved. No longer is it de rigueur to wear the house check head to toe. Golly, do you remember that Westbrook creature?? That must of cost Burberry pounds.


All of a sudden the check was on everyone and everything and louts were buying it by the caseload from Turkey. Think beach towels and sportswear darlings…. Shudder.
One remembers fondly the first ever visit to Burberry on a trip to The Smoke. The lovely Ms. Moss was the campaign girl and yours truly simply had to have THAT bikini and a mac. Not to be worn together.


The brand is now out of the hands of yobs and back into the hands of the Gods. Hurrah.
If it is good enough for la Beckham darlings


The kids have made it cool and edgy again to ” trench”


Not quite ready for a bare leg, but always black eyeliner.
Even dressed down R.H-W rocks the brand.


The biggest seal ( the ROYAL seal) of approval finally puts the mac back on the map.



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