Bottoms up

Good morning my darlings. Brrrrrr…. Golly, what a frost . Thank goodness for the comfort and warmth of a trusty pair of Wolfords. Maybe ones opaques should be exchanged for a pair of pound shop bum lifters to give one a bottom like Pippa’s?
High claims, what is this fixation all about? Maybe I just don’t get it not being a red blooded male?
What is it now… The bigger derrière the better?? One is yet to be convinced.


Mrs.O with her magnificent behind is frumpy and chunky next to her peers with more slender rears non??

In the Mail this morning they were trying to sell us the benefits of having padded butt enhanced Spanx ( complete with removable butt-lifts)
Sexy they are not. Oh it’s Bridget Jones all over again. Trimming and shaping is what we want , start giving us extra inches and doesn’t it rather defeat the object?
My husband ” gets it” ( oh he will ” get it”) and thinks a large round load is a thing of beauty?????? What??


Cripes!!!!! For years one has been trying to diminish the size and with a chorus of others has wailed “does my bum look big in this? ”
Big bottoms may make a gentleman( not a gentleman maketh)hot under the collar in the bedroom but out in the real world too much is too much.
Haven’t we been striving for a peachy ” Kylie”
Somewhere down the line the rear of the year has expanded. Big is beautiful but bigger is better. ???


At least good old Vorders has a future after Countdown.


One will always chose a fit and toned Pippa with her neat petit Pilates made perfect posterior over a car crash Kardashian .


Her husband feels the same way.
Obviously junk in the trunk doth not a marriage make.


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