All you need is . . . .

Good morning darlings , how was le weekend?
We have snow!!!! Stunningly beautiful and one managed to take a walk on such a perfect Sunday. My husband was absent but Boobie and a dear friend were the perfect strolling companions.


Have you been thinking about
Of course Mr.Lee won’t have given it a seconds thought and will be hard pressed to rustle up a card on the 14th.
In the past we have gone away, been to a party and out for dinner. This year at my husbands request will be a quiet one. Tuesday isn’t indicative of revelry so dinner à deux at Chez Lee it will be.

Flowers, food, candles and love ( and plenty of Champagne) will be enough.
Typically there will also be plenty of cheesy love songs and something a little special under the frock . We’ll brush over that.

As you know my darlings one is addicted to Notonthe highstreet so of course it has already been perused.


Apt. Boys read this rubbish too don’t you know.


Goes without saying.




Subtlety is wasted on my husband. A sledge hammer is not.


( at the moment. It can change)


Could bring a tear to ones eye.


Extra twinkles. There can never be too many twinkles darlings.

Now if our hostess is too drunk to cook. ( yes, this has happened) those with a delicate disposition look away now.

One simply opens a jar. Albeit a très bon jar.




Et voila!!!


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