In your dreams

My darlings how do you sleep?? Well? With difficulty? With alcohol? With assistance?
Just lately it has been impossible. I blame my husband , why break a habit of a lifetime. It’s like sleeping with a high speed train and one is ready to get off at the next station. Thankfully being slightly deaf( by choice) one can usually tune out. However there are more distractions in the mix.

Mr.Dish has always expected Lulu ( Boobie) to sleep with us ( on us)
Of course she is up and down all night, getting a drink, reading the paper Blah blah. Now he also requests the company of both cats!!! ( biting toes and wanting to go out)
Oh I kid you not. He says ” it is far too cold for them outside ” so now it’s, cats, dog and high speed train. What chance do I have??
Why not just get the neighbours in and have done with it??

Tonight one shall take some lavender spray , a book and a nightcap and retreat to the guest room to let them get on with it.

Sweet dreams xx

Utterly soothing….


From notonthehighstreet
Also something we have over the bed


Not tonight Josephine



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