10 green bottles

Good morning my darlings. Another day, another trip to the bottle bank. Golly, they do mount up. You meet a better class of drinker on a Saturday morning. Familiar faces who have simply been having a glass or two of the red stuff with dinner in the evenings. Gone are the days when one could simply sling them in the bin .
How about up cycling them ?If the Ethical superstore can do it then do can we. This is not a look Ralph would have but they would be just the ticket for a party or BBQ.


Don’t we all have fond memories of dinner in a bistro with a bottle of Mateus RosĂ© on the table with a candle stuck in the top…. Oh how I miss those days.

You see darlings a few bottles and a fabulous table makes.


Bottles lit with candles and hanging from the trees. From Primrose.co.uk


This is a definite New Year/party option. The more the merrier, just like ones friends darlings. Available from Weddings Warehouse

Must dash, the dishwasher needs to be emptied of wine glasses…..

On the subject of wine glasses, these little shades simply pop on a glass and a tea light . Inspired?? I adore them.

From Talking Tables.

Have a super duper weekend my darlings xxxx


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