Timeless tweed

Dearest darlings do you tweed??? We most certainly do and always have. What my husband spends could bring tears to ones eyes but believe it or not this doesn’t have to be a purchase that breaks either the bank or ones husband’s temper.
For a few years the tweed pour moi has come from Joules. Perfectly charming for dog walking and country weekend pursuits . Simply add wellies or some glorious tan brogue leather boots curtesy of Russell and Bromley.

A field jacket with a slightly feminine cut. A winner.

This one has in most colours and trims. The shape is perfect and will have years of wear .

Not a country colour but jolly none the less with charming floral lining too. That’ll swing it every time. A sucker for a lining.


Stephen Fry once said ” My vocal cords are made of tweed”
My vocal cords are not!! But my jackets and breeches most certainly are.

If one can smuggle a touch of tweed into Chez Lee one will. What do we say darlings? Would Ralph have it??


Thankfully yes.
A tweed sofa would look super cosy in the snug.

From Heals

” Thou shalt always wear tweed”
( from The Chap manifesto)

One may have to settle for a cushion.


Or a lampshade in Hector tweed from notinthehighstreet

Tally ho!!


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