Oh mother

Good morning my darlings. Having woken to birdsong and clear skies life is dolce. But oh to be in bella Italia

One came jolly close to enjoying the sweet life permanently. It is so awfully difficult to resist those Italian men.

Although it is necessary to avoid their mothers (sadly it is all true. )Thankfully I had the exception to the rule but others weren’t as lucky. Mothers and sons can’t compare to their Italian
They also do not look like Sophia Loren or Monica Bellucci. But who does???
Ms. Bellucci is fantastico in the current campaign for Dolce Gabanna. Even next to a model 20+ years younger the camera loves her. Matriarch she is not.
Oh mother!!! An older sister perhaps? Kidding aside darlings to be a wife,and a mother and still ooze sex appeal is no mean feat. Exhaustion plays a big part. Maybe one doesn’t actually have children one simply borrows them?

If Monica ( smouldering sexpot Belluci) can do it ( albeit with a team of stylists) then so can we.
Bring on the pasta and the Portofino pleasures.





Now this expression of motherhood I recognise xxx


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