Would Ralph have it???

Happy Monday darlings. How was le weekend? Ours was filled with F.F’s( fabulous friends) and fizz. We even managed a walk to blow away the cobwebs and one muddy dog later…

As you know my darlings, it is all too easy buying another little something pour Chez Lee. Without rhyme or reason in can end up more like a charity shop than a chic abode. Now we simply ask one another ” would Ralph have it?” If the answer is no then back it goes. No argument, well maybe a trifle shirty.

You get the idea??
If one had to choose one designer for life to dress ones home and ones body it would be he.


Eternal elegance , these Essex gals than we are being choked with need to take heed.


Well of course everyone looks better after the cocktail hour


Golly!! All a little familiar, black velvet sofas . Check. Gilt Louis chair. Check. Chevron cushion. Check. Storm lanterns….. Cripes!!!!! One has been Ralphed!!!!


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