90 is the new 40

Hello my darlings, whatever Iris Apfel is having I want some of that.
Definitely drinking at the fountain of youth and also at dinner ( thank the lord) this puss is still fashion forward and turning heads where ever she goes

This rare bird is indeed spirited and horrified that ” the fatter and uglier a person is, the less clothes they wear”
Oh mon dieu how true. The first sunny day and one reaches for eyewear and smelling salts as the pasty flesh is exposed.
Leave it in Magaluf darlings


Chez Apfel




This fashion Ikon should have Ms.Moss
quaking in her boots. Having just launched a collection for Mac how could one resist a new lippy with names such as ” Embrace me ” and ” Entertain me”



This exotic bird quotes Chanel who once said ” Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young”

Take note my dears, take note.
As soon as her eyewear is launched I’m having it, whether I need it or not!!!!

If my marriage lasts as long as hers ( she is 90 her husband is 97)
We will BOTH deserve a medal



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