Love in Edinburgh

My darlings, Mr.Lee and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last week and took a trip to Edinburgh. Have you been??

We love escaping, just the two of us to The Witchery. My darling husband gave me the most adorable lily of the valley bouquet and a diamond knot.( ring) After a difficult year together I think the knot symbolises stabilty. Nothing will slip with a knot. I presume it’s a reef knot that just gets tighter and tighter if pulled. Perfect.

My favourite flowers in the whole world.

The Vestry at The Witchery Edinburgh

 We stayed in The Vestry. The bed head was part of a church organ and the room was magnificently gothic.

We dined in The Secret garden restaurant, I had the best potted duck. Delicious.

My husband had steak tartar and despite his persistence there was no way I was going to try/enjoy it.

Besides which, he said that our friend Celine does it better.


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