Do you Dukan?

Darlings, it has been for EVER!!!  Yours truly is back from her petit sojourn. Oh how  I have missed you.

Are you doing the Dukan?

I must say after trying most diets de jour this seems to have super speedy results. Not one that I ( one glass of booze as a treat, hell!) personally could sustain but short term fixes are good too. The attack phase is pretty hard core but actually works. Utterly miserable but the scales don’t lie.

Mrs.Middleton apparently is a fan, as is Katherine Jenkins, Penelope Cruz, Gisele Bundchen et al.

A girl cannot live on prawns and cottage cheese alone.

Let me know your thoughts my darlings, the French have embraced Monsieur Dukan. Protein Thursdays are all the rage. So it’s steak minus les frites. Could you? Would you?

Death buy chicken is not a good look.


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