Wedding fever!!

My darlings how are you?? Feeling chipper and full of amoré today?

Sometimes I just glance over at Mr.Lee and fall in love with him all over again. Nothing to do with the fact that he supplies diamonds and fabulous home cooking. Honestly.

Of course being dashing and incredibly handsome makes him easy on the eye and it would be v. difficult indeed to tire of his perfect profile. Maybe I DID marry the right chap.

What was your wedding list like ladies?? Was it for a department store? Ours was registered at a delightful little French inspired shop that was a stones throw from where we lived. Everything from cast iron planters to wonderful gilded furniture. Even the picture frames were beautiful.

There are a couple of super high profile weddings coming up. Our very own Kate Moss who has requested

14 crystal ashtrays at £240 each among her requests, as well as a £4,750 cocktail set. Nice to know marriage isn’t going to change her.


Across the pond Kim K. ( Kardashian) is also in the midst of wedding fever, adding  a $840 crystal ‘Havana’ ashtray on to her official wedding gift list. She doesn’t smoke but who am I to judge. We bought the most fabulous cobalt blue dior ashtray for guests that do.

The lady barely drinks, but they have also requested 24 Baccarat Vega champagne flutes, each costing $130.

Golly at Chez Lee our glasses last two minutes.

One has to say, when one saw the size of her ROCK I felt very hard done to. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade?


If the lady has  a 20.5 carat million dollar engagement ring, she’s going to want Baccarat.


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