Hello my darlings, grey and gloomy. The weather, not moi!

Shall we pop a smidgen of colour into our dreary day?

How often have we glanced at interior books and magazines and found a theme which links all that we love together. It often happens that the link is a certain designer. There are a few that really float mon bateaux.

The delightful Dorothy Draper (D.D) is one.

“It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sport shoes with an evening dress.”

Don’t you just LOVE her already?

image DorothyDraper.com

Chez Lee is most certainly getting the ” Draper effect”

What is the Draper effect?  New York Magazine breaks down the look with The Elements of Draperism:
1. Intense color
2. Plant life
3. Dense, textured carpet
4. Striking details
5. A roaring fire
6. Exuberant prints
7. Big mirrors
8. Chessboard tiles
9. Statement wallpaper
10. Romantic furniture
Tick , tick, and hopefully v.soon black and white chequerboard flooring, tick.

” Born to a wealthy and privileged family in 1889, in one of the most exclusive communities in American history, Tuxedo Park, Dorothy Draper was the first to “professionalize” the interior design industry by establishing, in 1923, the first interior design company in the United States, something that until then was unheard of, and also at a time when it was considered daring for a woman to go into business for herself.”




Images of the Greenbriar Hotel, some of D.D’s best work. Her signature.


Greenbriar hall.


J’adore this my darlings, don’t you? Black and white floor AND trees inside!!
If you haven’t yet had your fill of the delightful Ms.Draper, pop along to Amazon and buy her book.
I will. xxx

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