Mr.Lee loves.

My darlings it is windy and wet and thankfully Mr.Lee and I are at home. Waiting for a delivery which should have been with us this morning but as ever there is no sign of the blasted van!

My darling husband has a penchant for tea towels. Yes I know, rather a peculiar fascination. I’m sure he eats them. The airing cupboard as run dry so I shall have to re stock. I am rather fond of the Eau de nil stripe from Fortnums. They look splendid when taken with the hamper to ” mop up” and also great for lining a bread basket.

Fortnum and Mason

If only my darling could stop using them as oven cloths and scorching them.

This jolly tea towel would be simply perfect wrapped around a bottle of wine and given to your hostess when going to a dinner party. Perfect for friends( with a sense of humour)

Dress up your plonk.

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