Mimosa anyone?

Good morning my darlings, it is utterly glorious. Clear and bright and sunshine too. How delightful to have a sunny morning in Spring. Sunshine flowers are scattered everywhere. Mimosa pom poms, such happy little pleasures.

Jane Packer has got the sunniest of bouquets.

Happy the bride who carries such a jolly bouquet.

One always thought that a Mimosa cocktail was simply a Bucks Fizz for Yanks. Nope, my darlings it is another drink entirely due to the triple sec. Golly, one learns something new every day.

  • 1/2 oz triple sec
  • 1 1/2 oz fresh orange juice
  • 3 1/2 oz chilled Champagne
  • orange slice for garnish

I make no secret that one of my favourite fragrance houses is Annick Goutal. Heavenly scents and so many bewitching bottles to choose from. They have just launched a Mimosa fragrance for Spring.

Le Mimosa

A very spring limited edition…
Built around a mimosa absolute from Grasse, with sweet floral hues punctuated by soft green, Florentine iris and anise are added to enhance the flower’s natural facets with their powdery strength.
At the heart of the composition a peach, with sweet undertones of sun-drenched flesh, using its fruity curves as though to adorn the mimosa with unprecedented radiance.
Then the white musk makes its entrance, draped over a light sandalwood frame, to carefully wrap the wake of this soft single flower perfume in a silky, milky and deliciously addictive blanket.

Bright yellow with black dots: the design created by Camille Goutal for the sleeve and ribbon of the famous ribbed bottle draws its inspiration from the gaiety synonymous with yellow mimosa and the graphic impact of the black spots. A symbolic evocation of the flower’s colour and its pompom shape, and a sparkling universe built around a vivacious style, making a veiled reference to the spirit of the 80’s.


2 thoughts on “Mimosa anyone?

    • My darlings, I bought a ” Palm Beach” print frock because of your punchy ballsy wonderful window. When I wear it I shall think of you both xxx

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