Peacock pleasures

My darlings wasn’t it windy last night? We lost a pot and the television ariel and one of the peacocks lost a tail feather. Beautiful creatures don’t you agree? Daughter no.1 has decided the big bash in August isn’t for her so is shooting up to Scotland instead in a couple of weeks. Cripes, one hopes the blustery wind dies down or one will lose a hat!

Daughter no.2 & 3 will be in peacock blue with maybe a feather headband or fascinator.

Golly, one can even have them in a bouquet. However as it’s Spring a bouquet of Spring flowers it shall be.

As we have peacocks raoming free in the grounds maybe a cushion well spotted by F.F ( Fabulous friend Victoria) from Dwell?

Sumptious and bold around the home, take inspiration from these images by Miles Redd in Elle Decor


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