You shall go to the ball Cinderella.

Albeit battered and bruised. Where are my manners? Good morning my darlings. Last day of the show today and silly Mrs.Lee has taken a tumble. Now what fool would even consider climbing a ladder in 4″ heels?. This fool. And what gentleman( I use the word loosely) would let her?

How difficult it is to find a ball gown with a sleeve?. High and low I have searched and they are more frocky horror . In fact horribly frumpy. We my darlings are going to a Valentine ball on Saturday with friends and a glamorous bunch they are too. An effort must be made, one wouldn’t want to let the side down now would we?

This frock is just the ticket but as its a V.B and sold out everywhere and probably a little more than ones husband would like to spend one will have to make do!

Mr.Lee of course would like more flesh on show( men! pah!) but as my flesh is battered and bruised( black and blue I tell you) this would be the answer to all my prayers.

One doesn’t come across many women who are happy baring their upper arms. Although F.F ( Fabulous friend)  has arms to die for!!! Golly how smashing they are, all toned and tanned .

My husband rather likes this, as do I. One can’t go wrong with Nina Ricci. A curvy girl showing off her assets.

 Now I know I have a similar frock somewhere….. mmm… but where?

For those already jaded at the thought of yet another valentine fiasco this card is for you!!

Perfect for a F.F.

Already bought. ( from Folksy)


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