How time flies.

My darlings how time flies, doesn’t it? We benchmark our lives with birthdays and special events and wonder where the time went. Yesterday daughter no.1 turned 21. It seems barely a breath ago. We were apart but she was( and always will be ) in my heart. Granny came to see us at the Hospital clutching a vase of snowdrops.

From then on they played as a delicate reminder of a day that changed me into a mother and her into a great grandmother. I buy them or pick them whenever I see them at this time of year.

Granny wrapped hers in kitchen roll to protect them and a crystal vase on her journey, however since moving one simply hasn’t been able to track  down any of our crystal vases for love nor money. A china cream jug shall suffice.

Enjoy the glorious sunshine and the snowdrops on your walks. The perfect combination. Yes, of course they look beter growing in the wild but on this occasion one must treasure.


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