All grown up.

My darlings, sorry for being away for so very long. Will post when I can, thank you for love and support. I am hopelessly devoted to you, ooooooo.

How grown up I feel, all of a sudden. The girls are flying the nest and our home is becoming a little more serious and less of a jumble. This is the next step. Just us too as Carrie says to Big ” me and you”

A little more chic and a lots less crazy, items we buy now are thoughtfully chosen considered pieces not just bought out of neccesity.

Although small our new little nest is perfectly formed. After unpacking and leaving bookcases behind we are looking for the perfect little library to house our collection of well thumbed favourites.

I have mon eyelashes on this one. Darling isn’t it?



Of couse if one could pass through ones own petit library on the way to the bedroom that would be a beautiful thing.

image S.A.T.C.2


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