Le petit déjeuner

My darlings, what is your breakfast of choice?

Mine usually is a large cup of tea and toast and marmalade. It must be Coopers Oxford and the bread either sour dough or seeded. If on a health kick then a grapefruit will suffice . This morning however I had crumpets smothered in butter and Tiger shared. So English, so comforting on a cold grey morning.

Tea and crumpets, simply perfect.

Those of you with an open fire, you lucky things simply must treat yourselves to a toasting fork.

Just the ticket for camp fires too.

From Cox and Cox.

Extending Toasting Fork

Get together for an old-fashioned treat. This ingenious new and exclusive extending toasting fork is great for crumpets, marshmallows or toast over an open fire – either indoors during the winter or over an open campfire in the summer. It would make a great present for barbecue lovers too. What a great price! Use protective glove as handle may get hot.


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