Swinging from the chandeliers

Hello my darlings, since the clocks turning back it is so dark so early. One can not bare gloom. Fill the house with candles, light the fire or buy a new chandelier perhaps?

Mr.Lee and I have bought so many chandeliers in our 8 years together but a new house calls for new lighting, non?

We are currently at stalemate. I am wanting glass icicles dripping from the ceiling á la Ice Queen and my fuddy duddy

husband wants to stick with a more traditional look.

We shall see.

Something rather like this…

Golly!! So many prisms. What a light show!! It looks rather musical in a wind chime sort of way too. Crystal from Habitat

Or this?

Zara from B.H.S

Doesn’t look as impressive perhaps so we shall keep looking.


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