Our new home

Hello my darlings, it seems like forever since I last posted. It has been an awfully exciting time and one had to keep ones trap firmly shut for fear of jinxing it!!

We have bought a new house and have the keys so all is fabulous. Of course packing and de cluttering are not favourites of mine and I shall be off loading junk/treasures as much as possible. Even though it probably has the same square footage one will consider it downsizing if only to get one to part with sentimental well-past-its-sell-by-date articles.

It is incredibly beautiful and we are incredibly happy. Hope you like it my darlings? Let the decorating commence!!

Lucky no.7

The majestic gates to ” The Big House” but as we live next door, our gates and approach too.

Still the approach

Nearly there…

A peek at what’s to come

The drive

Grimston Park… maybe one day

The grounds, Lulu will love them.

Mr.Dish/Lee.. over the thresh hold we go.

A new chapter.

Only a stable, a stable will suffice.


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