Underwater love

My darlings as you know Mrs.Lee is a lover of flowers and loves them all. It is rather more difficult to buy or send flowers to others. How can we presume they will like what we do, no matter how stylish a bunch. Normally one looks to the individual, are they feminine? Stylish? Country? I myself thinks that on occasion one has bought for myself and presumed they would be perfect for the lady in question.

I have known women not to like or appreciate flowers at all!! Cripes!! Lucky the man to be married to one of these creatures. Mr.Lee would have far more cash in his wallet but a lifeless home and an unhappy wife.

Some friends are super duper contemporary and would not buy roses or a mixed bunch. These are the types that like leaves and sticks, tulips and lilies.  These would be perfect, non?

image bride.net


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