Baby love

Hello my darlings, how was your weekend?? Ours was smashing. Mr.Lee and I went to London to see friends. How I miss them and any chance to catch up I will grab it. This was very special as one of our gals is having a baby so Mrs.Sweetpea organised the most wonderful shower.

Lots of delicious cakes were made ( Mrs.Cat & Mrs.Sweetpea) and another poppet made poms. How incredibly talented they all are. I was in charge of balloons so one took inspiration from the divine Ms.Johnson and atached beautiful ribbon streamers.

Le bump has been called pumpkin all the way through. Hence all related pumpkin decorations.

Mrs.Cat even made the babies on top. How clever!

My F.F ( Fabulous friend) Claire made an incredible basket for me to take for the expectant mummy.

Firm friends

Must get a pumpkin hat darlings… non?


Mrs.Sweetpea was the hostess with the mostess and plied us all ( non pregnant non drivers) with fizz and scrumptious treats in her beautiful home. It was bliss and we were awfully sad to leave.

Our hostess

Then it was time to leave. Taxi for Mrs.Lee.


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