The bold and the beautiful

My darlings, how I love Eddie. Eddie Ross of interior decor fame. Everything the super chap touches has his magic.

If one lived in the U.S one would most certainly become a stalker.

The man himself has just waved his wand at a window in the D & D building on 3rd Ave. in New York.

Such a small space….  merely 90×34 inches. Cripes!!

Incredibly he filled it with the most glorious treasures and together with back story turned it into an office of dreams.

It started with a kiss

And ended like this

Oh to have his style.

” On the Chippendale style chair sits a box pillow in the same herringbone linen as the walls but in green. Just back from a late afternoon meeting uptown, our stylish interior designer finds beside her desk a gift.

How adorable, how thoughtful. Oh Eddie.

” The finishing touches are complete, including the upholstered board above her desk, where she gathers inspiration and ephemera.

Eddie you have done it again!! Bravo!!


4 thoughts on “The bold and the beautiful

    • Oh Eddie, I am utterly thrilled that you popped by. You are truly fabulous and everything you do is perfection. I often have a little weep at your back stories and simply had to show my followers how talented you are. You have a magic touch, I wish I lived in the States so I could see some of your incredible work in real life.
      You know how to make a girl gush. ( and swoon x)

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