Mr.Choo what did you do?

Good morning my darlings, did you have a lovely weekend? Ours was rather dull and rather wet. In fact it was horrid. I am sure if the rain had stopped and Mr.Lee had wanted to venture out it would have been much improved. Instead it was roast chicken and internet surfing.

Mr.Dish will learn his lesson quickly one thinks.

Whilst surfing one stumbled across a comfortable boot to wear now Autumn is very nearly here. I do realize that men think they’re atrocious and I haven’t worn them for years but when Mr.Choo has a hand in how can one resist?

Starlit Choo Ugg

Mandah choo ugg

Sorah Choo Ugg

Quite liking the length of these but would have light star studs all over á la starlit

Siobahn Choo Ugg

Loving the comfy cashmere cable, perfect for lounging.

Kaia Ugg Choo

Lots of other colourways available darlings…  My husband thinks they are too UGGly for words so maybe just for walking to yoga?


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