Mrs.Lee loves

A kitchenaid

My darlings this is an unashamed enormous hint for my husband. We have long been deciding/arguing about a kitchenaid artisan mixer. One has been infatuated ever since The barefoot contessa, Nigella et al have teased me with their beauty. ( kitchenaid not them) Mr.Lee says they may be pretty but they are not pro mixers. Who’s the pro in Chez Lee??

Anyhow one day I shall own one and have finally decided on colour. It has been a very difficult decision. Black caviar was at the top of the list for a while as it is chic glittery black. However Chez Lee is PINK PINK PINK!!!

Pastel pink was too predictable and slightly sickly so yellow seemed happy and came close.

That was until one found this little beauty.

The colour my darlings is cranberry. I think it is wrongly named and would expect cranberry to be red.

Santa baby, you have been told.


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