Turquoise dreams

image apartment therapy

Good morning my darlings, Mrs.Lee had pulled her back. Goodness knows how. Will be taking it slowly today. A quiet lunch with a F.F ( fabulous friend). Risotto makes everything better.

I have always loved turquoise and particularly love it with diamonds. Super combination. Until Mr.Lee fulfils my jewellery requirements I shall add a pop of turquoise to Chez Lee.

One thinks Mrs.Slocombe was happier pink.

image Homes and Gardens

These plant pots look jolly nice from Graham and Green

Simply love their weathered look.

Soothing as a tropical sea, this modern decorative plate in deep turquoise shimmers with a sun-dappled iridescence.

Their words not mine darlings. From cocomale.com

from eternal-uk.co.uk

The Etienne table. Well one does need something to put the beautiful chargers on.

And of course a goblet from Watts London

I shall leave you my darlings with something soothing.

Paradise. Now where is my cocktail darling?


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