Gazebo gazeba

Good morning my darlings, the glamping will commence shortly and we are merrily discussing what to take and what not to. I would of course transport all mon worldly goods and a little bit more but it’s getting it all there. Mr.Lee wants to take the jeep and the boot in non existent so a trailer will have to be bought. With all our gubbins a horse box would be more suitable. The weather jolly well better pick up, a gazebo saved our bacon last year. When the rains came we sheltered and dined under there and with the weather forecast it looks like it may be the same again. If we worked our trips around the English weather we would end up doing nothing at all. One shall be taking two! Yes two. One for the campsite and another for the beach.

image Easy Living

One will be popping to Ikea for some off the peg voile curtains et voila! Just add bunting and lanterns. Beach perfect non?

One has bought a number of these from Gisela Graham and they will look darling hanging with tealights.

We have one of these for the sea shells/plonk and some fabulous starfish fabric bought from ebay for the table.

All we need is a little sunshine and fish on the bbq.


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