Wouldn’t it be lovely

My darlings this is my least favourite song from M.F.L. Why I choose to post it is beyond me. It rather haunts me a little.

At school we did songs from the shows and were each allocated a number. Mine was this. Oh how disappointing. A rotten accent and a rotten costume. I wanted to dance all night and wear a ball gown and belt out the high notes. The girl that did sang sharp and made us all wince. I had to rub ash on my face, how horrid. At least I had violets.

On holiday last year a couple of ladies passed in a waft of violetta ( Penhaligons) I recognised it’s sweetness immediately. Something lighter would be lovely.

violet eau de toilette Cote Bastide from Bodie and Fou

Or maybe to scent ones boudoir?

violette de toulouse from notonthehighstreet

Or to wear in ones boudoir?

peachie keen from notonthehighstreet

Only up to a c cup so I’ve had it!

image decorlux


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