Where ever I lay my hat

Good morning my darlings, one has been up with the lark stripping beds and ironing shirts. A good friend is coming to stay for a few days so things must be ship shape. There has already been a wind related incident ( oo err! ) so the glazier will be out ( hopefully) tout suite!

One seems to spend most of ones life picking up after others. Mr.Lee is the very worst I’ve come across. When he comes in there is a trail of clutter and bags, shoes, coat. Golly! I thought daughter no.3 was bad enough. Don’t even get me started on bits of paper. Hundreds of little scraps that are too important to bin.

Anyway, we all have our bad habits. He is a marvel in the kitchen.

Country life suits us just fine but I do hope one day to maybe live in Paris?

Just for a while. An apartment just like this one.

image citified.blogspot.com



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