In love with Ms.Parker

picture by Steve Sands

Good morning my darlings, yes I am in love with Ms.Parker. Both of them. D.P ( Dorothy) for her caustic wit and the above for her bold and daring fashion choices. How I adore people who are bold with colour. It makes the world such a glorious place to live. Pink AND blue? Would you?

When one is not sure as to what suits in the clothes department more often than not I have it in the home.

Let’s see…

Image from Joe Nye

How wonderful is the art? Oh and the stools, golly!! I think it is swell.

Room by Mary Engelbreit

Utterly charming for a young lady, non?

Bolder still. Fabulous sofa.

Marie Claire Maison

J’adore a large bathroom, perfect for entertaining. Cocktails dans le tub!!

Ms.Parker must have a simple silver vase from Vera Wang for her ranunculus.

vera wang from

Simple, elegant and will last a lifetime.

As D.P once said

“Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.”


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