Rock ‘n’ roll

Good morning darlings, Monday morning and rain to boot. Cripes!!!  What a combination. For whatever reason it is still not enough to dampen ones spirits. Since living in the country one is turning a trifle twee.

NO you gasp! I’m afraid so.

It happens to the best of us, whilst in the city one was enrobed in black daily. Today one is thinking this is not such a bad thing. I shall remove the bows and the multi coloured adornments from oneself and ones home. Tout suite!

Victoria dearest has also just recently moved to the sticks and was contemplating buying wellies.

It was awfully hard at first to kick off ones heels but now most days they are at some point mon footwear of choice.

However, to bridge the gap between rock ‘n’ roll and Miss Marple the Wellingtons will have an edge.

The Hunter festival boot.

Rock’n’roll enough. Non?


2 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ roll

  1. Me too!!!
    Chucking out the chintz darling and giving myself a jolly good slap for becoming Tweedle Dee
    Does that make Mr. Lee Tweedle Dum??
    They sell them at Net-a-porter.
    Thought of you my dear xxx

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