Sunday soirée

Hello my darlings, how was your weekend?

The weather was trying very hard to behave and for the most part it did. We had a delightful Sunday with friends. Our fabulous hostess Christine put on a delicious spread and we all ate too much and drank long into the evening.

Rosie and Ellie ( adorable boxer dogs) stole the show and had a jolly good go at any tit bits that were on offer. The hot tub was ready for action and Julio inglesias  was crooning on the stereo. A rack of BBQ chicken wings even came over the fence from next door. All in all a thoroughly splendid affair.

Our hostess has a beautiful kichen complete with blue aga and blue and white china and one was very jealous indeed.

The kind that birthday cards are made of, notelets simply must be made tout suite.

Bedding Ralph lauren.

It always looks so crisp and fresh.


The teapot was a gift from Christine . Cut roses and honeysuckle from the garden. My darling Ric even brought me a trug to the party and I shall use it dans le jardin as a planter.

Rosie looking far happier than moi, maybe because the drink one is holding is still full .

Le pudding club!

The two Christines, our hostess on the left and Mrs.Lee snr ( mymother in law) on the right

Mr.Lee and a doggy pretending not to want cake.

Two F.F’s ( fabulous friends) doing a Fandango.

As done at all the best parties.


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