So many places… so little time

My darlings have you booked your holidays yet?

We will be ” Glamping” with the girls in Polzeath in August. The girls are in love with the surf( and a little bit in love with the surfers too one thinks). Yours truly shall be ensconced in a bar with a sea view or on the sand with a cool drink. Either way one must not dehydrate ! This year a F.F (fabulous friend) will be coming too, hurrah!!!

Mr.Lee and I take off for September and are yet to decide where. Dubai is top of my husbands’ list. It was the first holiday that I actually saw him relax. He was a brown as a native in no time and loved the high temperatures. Although I had a great time too it was not really my cup of tea. Too hot in the evening to venture far from an air conditioned hotel and the evenings to me are as important as the days. How I longed to be dining al fresco by the water..

So far I have thought Santorini or Mykonos could be lovely or Jaipur if going further afield. Mr.Lee has yet to be convinced by India. How can one not be enticed??

Mykonos, incredibly glam. A wardrobe of white one thinks.

Santorini…. bliss.

decisions descisions


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