Daisy Daisy

Hello my darlings, I do hope you had a perfect weekend? Just the weather to get out ones bicycle and fill ones lungs with fresh air. Stick to the country, city air simply won’t do. Tandems are all the rage you know, even one super cool F.F ( fabulous friend) has one. Maybe I’d be o.k in the back seat? A water bottle would be handy too. After a terrible scape with mon bicyclette as a child I can’t say I’ve had the nerve to jump back on. However if there was someone in front who knows.

After a trip to Holland I was smitten. Oh my darlings all theirs have flowers in the baskets , on the handlebars and anywhere else they could tie them.

What a smasher!!!  From Liberty.

I do hope you name yours?, Claire calls hers Florence. Quite simply the most perfect name for her stead.


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