Manic Monday

Good morning my darlings, how was your weekend?

Ours was a little dull and decidedly damp. Mr.Lee was tired so didn’t want to do much so I stuck my head in a book( Mansfield Park) and ate fish fingers and angel delight to comfort me. I know that relaxation is needed at times but I would have liked one day, maybe to go to the coast or somewhere. A good book is never time wasted.

Monday morning and the week starts again with a vengeance, a positive day, a busy day my darlings.

The first job is to strip the beds( daughter no.3 has a penchant for fake tan and boy does it reek) feed the animals( squawking as we speak) and remove the empty bottles ( Mr.Lee) and dead flowers. I think it awfully sad to see dead flowers. Don’t you?

A few pretty pictures to start the morning.

image slices of beauty

Parade of blooms, Martha

Terrific teacups, image oh joy

Ah, a use for those bottles.

Ease into Monday my darlings. Make your week wonderful.


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