Women in socks?

Oh darlings, it can be so tragic or uber cool.

Now we have seen those types of women that get to a certain age and suddenly start wearing over the knee socks when she goes out. Golly, the poor dear men lap it up whilst the women cringe.

I haven’t and couldn’t and even though one shall hopefully grow old disgracefully if you ever see me trying to buy a pair


Leave it to those edgy types , Fearne Cotton, Alexa Chung et al.

Even Ms.Bradshaw should leave the socks at home. They are well past their sell buy date and are screaming desperate!!

Some of the good, bad and down right hilarious.

Would you?

Could you?

You decide….

Yes I do know she’s ” fashion” darlings. But a trifle too old for this look? Non?

Younger and cooler?

And my husband’s personal favourite, don’t ask


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