F.F ( Fabulous friends)

It may have been raining , but that did nothing to dampen ones spirits.

Mr.Lee cooked up an Italian feast and pink was the order of the day.

Pink roses, pink marquee and pink plonk.

Yours truly wore a kaftan, as did my mother in law and a jolly good time was had by all. One F.F( super stylist) was rocking the tweed. Well, one was in the country. Not a welly to be seen and thanks to all the glamorous heels the lawn was beautifully aerated en route

We drank Prosecco from champagne saucers and ate from vintage china.

The big pink elephant/marquee

The big pink elephant/marquee

Hanging baskets are lovely but they take an awful lot of watering and are always just out of reach. Rain one would have though would be enough to keep them refreshed. We get enough of it, but no. A full heavy watering can full every evening. Very thirsty additions.

Teacup nightlight holders and even a birdcage adorns the tree.


2 thoughts on “F.F ( Fabulous friends)

    • Thankfully the watering is left to Mr.Lee as even on tippy toes they are just out of ones reach. Can’t wait to see your new house in the country my darling. When you are well and truly settled I’ll be up like a shot!

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