Everything in the garden is rosy

Yep, no problems here my dears but never the less after packing away ones woolies it is decidedly chilly today and far too damp to be singing. I can’t moan….. Cripes , I sound like Granny. The garden is wet and soggy but at least the new turf is enjoying a drink.

As a lover of roses I can’t resist another for the garden or for ones wardrobe. I shall be buying New Dawn for a shady spot to clamber up a wall it will happily produce pale pink, double, highly scented flowers from summer through to autumn. It can tolerate a wide range of soils and is hardy enough to be grown on a shaded wall or in exposed positions. A happy little rose suitable for a beginner.

How magnificent!!!

How I would love New Dawn in every tree and hedge.

Now pour moi…..

by Pearl Lowe . Super with an opaque ( yes I have resisted my comforting hosiery) or bare legs and slingbacks.

I’ll let you know when it arrives.


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